From the desk of The Kernel

Attention Snackers!!! Are you a popcorn lover? 

Well, I am The Kernel, and I LOOOOVE popcorn, and you should too!

Infact, if you don't love popcorn, then you can just get your lily-livered tuchus right-on out of our little popcorn army.

Popcorn is the greatest snack that ever was. In my camp it is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and no one ever complains. From the sweet flavors of breakfast popcorn to the savory tastes of dinner popcorn. They are all DEEE-licious.  

I have fought wars on 46 different continents, all for the glory of popcorn. I see myself as quite the popcorn connoisseur, and that is why I decided redirect my army's energy into the ultimate weapon of popcorn domination, this website: Popcorn Bistro.

This site is dedicated to anything and everything popcorn related. I will be answering some common questions regarding popcorn, and talking you through some great information that is useful to know, because we all know that knowing is half the battle.  And the other half is butter! 

So read up on everything there is to know about popcorn, Snackers!  There WILL be a test!

Fondly, The Kernel