Best Holiday Popcorn Tins

Popcorn has a long legacy behind it dating back to we think 10,000 years ago in what is now Mexico City.

It just didn’t become accessible until roughly 1890 when a Chicago candy store owner had already created his own steam-powered machines for roasting nuts. 

This soon developed into the creation of the popcorn machine.

During the great depression, popcorn was one of the easiest snacks to obtain as it was extremely cheap, therefore the business thrived.

Whilst it was popular at movie theatres, the theatre owners were displeased by the snack because they thought it caused distraction from the movie overall.

However, this soon brought more business ideas, and that's why today we associate films and movies with popcorn. 

Something with so much in-depth history brings so much joy to everyone, that’s why it goes hand in hand with the Christmas spirit and holiday popcorn tins are a great way to enjoy the snack and the holidays all in one.

It would be a shame to let this legacy be unknown throughout such a special celebratory time of year, so why not get your hands on a holiday popcorn tin to spread the love for both this year?


Classic Collectible Gourmet Holiday Popcorn Tin Caramel, White Cheddar, and Butter Popcorn

This classic holiday popcorn tin produced by many signature brands is a delight to add to any holiday collection as the Santa Claus motif on the tin comes from a classically drawn image.

Many brands over the years have used Christmas as a way to not only advertise and sell their products but to celebrate and bring joy too.

Everyone knows Coca cola’s Santa trucks from that one Christmas advert with the giant Santa on the side of the truck. And we loved it!

This tin is a reminder of everything wonderful about Christmas.

The flavors available in this tin are caramel, white cheddar, and butter popcorn so there is a flavor to suit everyone, whether you’re a sweet tooth or a salted savory lover.

And for all these flavors you’ll be getting 22 ounces of delicious popcorn to share with the whole family, or yourself if you’re a lone wolf this Christmas!

We tried it for ourselves and our favorite flavor was the caramel! But that’s because our sweet tooths may be the death of us one day so we may as well enjoy all the sweet aromas now.

The compartments also made it easy to keep the flavors separate as we watched them slowly disappear.

The tin has three assorted compartments, one for each popcorn flavor, and is the perfect share box for any movie marathon or theatre.

You’ll never run out of popcorn and you’ll need it to binge-watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in one day, or the Star Wars trilogy if that’s more your style.


  • 3 Flavors to enjoy - Multiple choices for everyone
  • Huge Tin - That could be collected and used for storing other food after usage is up
  • Very Christmassy! - Delightful holiday artwork on tin


  • Possible Issues with Delivery - Some tins have arrived dented


Christmas Gourmet Popcorn Gift Tin - Large 2 Gallons- The 3 Most Popular Flavors - Popped Fresh-FREE...

The first thing we said to ourselves when trying this product out was, “This tin looks really fun” and we were not wrong!

The joyful snowman on the tin represents how we feel about this popcorn as the flavor combinations are to die for. 

This tin is bound to be a hit amongst the family and especially the kids because it’s so fun and joyous to look at, especially when eating your favorite holiday snack in front of a family favorite Christmas film.

The scoops that come with the purchase are a fun element to enjoy alongside the popcorn too as who doesn’t like a holiday-decorated scoop to separate their popcorn?

Any opportunity to have some fun with a holiday-based snack as well as get enjoyment out of the snack itself should be fully taken advantage of.

Also, the tin is suitable for storing other foods after you’re done with your popcorn purpose.

They’re great for storing cookies, crackers, crisps, and anything else you can think of that would benefit from a sealed tin. And it can keep snacks fully fresh as the day you bought them.

These tins are the perfect way to express your gratitude and appreciation for your loved ones around the holidays.

This tin contains air-popped popcorn that is fully sealed to contain all the buttery and sweet goodness you want from quality popcorn around the holidays.

Pop’s popcorn comes with three distinct famous company favorites, caramel corn, cheddar cheese, and kettle corn.

So, there’s no room for arguments with the family about getting everyone's favorite in when this tin has them all.


  • Free scooper and bags included - Fully sanitized for your safety
  • Comes in 3 popular flavors - Diverse range to enjoy
  • Gluten-free and GMO - free corn - 100% American grown corn


  • Tin may run small - Not as big as you may think it is


Popcornopolis Gourmet Zebra Popcorn 1.26 Gallon Tin, Popped Popcorn Gift, Christmas Party Tin

This Holiday popcorn tin by Popcornopolis is a wondrous tin full of specially made popcorn to brighten up the holiday season for you and your loved ones.

The tin looks spectacular and is decorated with snowflake motifs, eye-catching writing, and a rich red Christmas background color to help you get into the Christmas spirit whilst enjoying your favorite Christmas-themed snack.

What’s special about the popcorn inside is that it’s chocolate flavored zebra-striped popcorn, striped with white and dark confectioners chocolate.

Around 28 cups can be consumed within this tin and it serves roughly 15 or more people at parties and celebrations.

These tins make for the perfect Christmas gifts for loved ones and friends as they’re so fun and quirky whilst containing your friend’s favorite snack of all time!

What’s not to love? And it’s so easy to please people with holiday popcorn tins as they’re festive, joyful, and perfect for home movie marathons.

We tried one out ourselves for a movie marathon and let's just say it stands against our greedy guts!

There was plenty of popcorn to share around a whole group of people and everyone loved it so don’t waste any more time, get yours today to experience the wondrous effect the popcorn has!

You can rest assured that the popcorn inside this amazing holiday tin is made the way it’s supposed to be and the manufacturers have used the most traditional methods in making fluffy popcorn, whilst utilizing the freshest ingredients available.


  • No high fructose - Gluten-free and GMO-Free
  • 1.26 gallon of popcorn - 2.19 kilograms of tasty popcorn treats
  • Available in limitless flavors - caramel, kettle corn, white cheddar, unicorn, zebra, cheddar cheese, and more


  • One flavor per tin - May not work for the whole family if everyone likes different flavors. However, may work for you.


The Wisconsin Cheeseman Popcorn Trio Tin - Featuring Crunchy and Freshly Popped Cheddar, Butter, and...

The Wisconsin Cheeseman company has come out with a beautifully magical decorated popcorn tin that has popcorn inside that is as desirable as the tin itself.

We applaud any attempt at creating wonderful holiday-inspired art and the artwork on this tin is just splendid!

Popcorn itself is so easy to appreciate for all its wonderful flavors and aromas, but this tin goes the extra mile for you this Christmas so don’t miss out on a chance to appreciate and experience the magic of Christmas with Wisconsin Cheeseman popcorn holiday tins!

There are three different kinds of flavorsome popcorn available in this tin including cheddar, butter, and sweet crunchy caramel so all the sweet tooths out there can be just as happy as the savory lovers.

No fights are welcome here. 

It also makes for a great Christmas gift this year as everyone loved popcorn, especially around the holidays when you’re sitting down to your favorite festive film and you want something to munch on throughout the night.

We’ve taken this tin for a spin ourselves and it certainly holds up to its purpose!

The flavors in all three available flavors are delicious and we couldn’t get enough of them. Get yours today so you can enjoy it the same way we have.


  • Secure Tin - No chance of any leaks or damages to this tin
  • Humbly decorated - Goes the extra mile
  • Threesome of flavors available - Incredibly diverse in what they offer


  • Tin size may be smaller than expected - Check measurements and weight before purchase


Merry Christmas Popcorn Gift Tin By Popcorn Shed

We have never come across a tin so magical in its appearance before.

The pattern used to decorate it matches so well with the popcorn and you can easily imagine the wonderous flavors kept safe inside this tin. 

Popcorn shed is selling these tins so you can enjoy your Christmas with a family favorite snack. The tin looks just as elegant as what’s inside!

The tin is decorated with a fabulous bow to tie the whole thing together as a gift in itself!

Because of this, the holiday popcorn tin is perfect as a Christmas gift or larger stocking filler this Christmas for anyone, so no matter who you’re buying for, popcorn is ideal for any age group to enjoy.

And the presentation is already done for you so there’s no need to worry about wrapping it the night before in a panic. It’s done for you!

There are roughly 400 grams of buttered sweet popcorn to enjoy this year so get stuck in.

We decided to try it for ourselves because it looked so good and it 100% did not let us down!

The overall quality was out of this world and the flavors were so strong we had issues taking the tin away from everyone. 

It’s always a positive thing if a snack is so good that it causes possible arguments amongst your work colleagues.


  • Three flavors included - chocolate, original, and caramel
  • Thoughtful presentation and wrapping - A gift wrapped for you
  • Quality popcorn and quality tin - can be reused as a decorative tin


  • Can’t buy just one flavor - Not ideal if you’re picky


Gourmet Popcorn Gift Tin-Large 2 Gallon. Caramel, Cheese & Kettle Corn. Unique Gourmet Popcorn Thank...

We’ve got a heartwarming traditional holiday popcorn tin to finish off the best holiday popcorn tins list, and it’s a tin of wonder.

One thing Christmas and popcorn have in common is that classic red packaging that is the staple of the season. 

So, it only seems fit that this popcorn tin covers both elements fantastically.

We all know the red and white stripes associated with old-style movie popcorn, that same red color has been decorated over the entire tin to compliment the holiday reason and the popcorn snack inside.

Pop’s corn has filled its beautifully made tins with three of its most popular and favorite popcorn flavors. Pop’s famous caramel, cheddar cheese, and kettle corn.

And amongst this 1.99-kilogram tin is a popcorn sanitary scooper and bags to separate your popcorn out in the safest and healthiest way possible.

There’s nothing better than a tasty holiday snack for all the family that has every safety precaution thought of and a solution to all problems.

We tried the tins out for ourselves and our favorite flavor was the kettle corn flavor and the tin was just wonderful to have around in the office during the holiday season to keep everyone’s spirits up.


  • GMO-free corn and gluten-free - 100% whole grain corn
  • Robust Tin - Festive and sturdy
  • Great Christmas Gift - Picturesque tin for popcorn and the holidays 


  • Addictive - Seriously, you won’t be able to stop eating the popcorn!

Best Holiday Popcorn Tins Buying Guide

Is It Christmassy Enough?

So, you’re looking for the best holiday popcorn tin available for you and your family this holiday season.

And you’ve considered all other factors but the actual point of the tin itself, is it Christmas themed enough? Does it stick to a festive color theme? 

Reds, pale blues, forest green, and gold are common colors associated with Christmas so be sure to check, does your holiday popcorn tin have any of the above colors? 

Also, don’t forget about that motif! Does it fill your heart will joy and wonder and introduce you to a whole world of magical and wholesome feelings?

If not it’s not the right tin for you!

Best Holiday Popcorn Tins


Now, since you’re looking for the best holiday popcorn tin, you’ll want to consider and be picky about the flavors inside because there should be a variety to suit all your family members' tastes and needs this Christmas.

There should be a diverse range of sweet and savory flavors because some people are one or the other, and some are both. These holiday popcorn tins should be able to please everybody, regardless.

Quality Over Quantity

It’s hard to find a perfect balance between quality and quantity when it comes to holiday popcorn tins.

On one hand, you want a top-quality snack that delivers this Christmas so you can enjoy the best flavors and tastes of popcorn known to man-kind.

But, on the other hand, you want the quantity to be a decent amount as there’s no point in buying popcorn that is the best you’ve ever tasted, however, the amount in the tin is pitiful and disappointing.

These tins are supposed to be cheerful and delightful, not downright disappointing.

It may seem like a picky thing to fret over, but if you’re going to have a holiday popcorn tin out this Christmas amongst the whole family, you’ll want the best tin available right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Holiday Popcorn Tins?

Holiday popcorn tins are just as fun as the gourmet treat inside, popcorn itself is delicious and should be enjoyed with a magical tin to get you in the festive mood and spirit.

It’s a subtle feature to have around the Christmas table of snacks, but the tins with magical motifs on may surprise you with how amazing they can make you feel. It could be a placebo effect, but it works! 

How Do You Celebrate The Holidays With Popcorn?

Why do we celebrate the holidays with any snacks in particular?

Anything that had that heartwarming, delicious aroma to it deserves to be celebrated alongside Christmas and popcorn certainly lives up to its buttery goodness taste. 

Popcorn is highly associated with films and movie theatres and what’s one thing you do around the holidays with the family?

Watch the corniest Christmas films possible and the classics of course. So popcorn is perfect to have around during this time of year. 

What Are The Christmas Popcorn Flavors?

Sweet and savory combinations make great Christmas popcorn flavors and the best ones contain chocolate and anything sweet!

Some special Christmas popular popcorn flavors include cookie dough, white cheddar, mint chocolate chip, cranberry, and many other holiday combinations.

If you’re feeling risky, why not try making your own combinations as some companies allow you to do this!

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