Best Popcorn Brand

The title for the best popcorn brand available is a hard one to narrow down, there are just so many loved brands and types of popcorn that we all enjoy so much for different reasons.

So, finding the best brand is a tough challenge, but we’ve done it with our expert research abilities and with your taste, and popcorn quality factors in mind.

You don’t want to come across this question again and not know the answer, do you? That would be a darn shame because we’ve got the answer right here!

So, stick around to find out so you can get it off your mind.

Fun fact, popcorn is in fact the healthiest of the bagged and packaged snacks out there. It’s incredibly low in fat and makes for a craving saver when you really want to attack the snack pantry in your house.

The calorie and carbohydrates intake is also low, meaning that popcorn is a guilt-free snack and the wisest choice to go for when you’re hungry before dinner. 

Rhetorical question for you, what is the best quality of popcorn to you? We’re going to answer it for you so be ready to be amazed as if it were magic! 

Best Popcorn Brands


Orville Redenbacher's Original Gourmet Popping Corn Kernels, 8 lb.

Our first contender for the title of best popcorn brand is Orville Redenbacher’s gourmet popcorn kernels that are packaged in the most creative jug-like container to add a bit of fun to an already fun and exciting snack.

Microwaving your own popcorn just cannot be beaten as you get to watch the magic happen right in front of you!

Popcorn is also reminiscent of childhood sleepovers and parties as trying to quietly microwave popcorn at 2 in the morning is a risky little game, with tremendous results. 

This jug contains 8 pounds of Orville Redenbacher's original yellow gourmet popcorn kernels for a good time straight from your own home. They say there’s nothing better than a classic, and in this case, that has never been more true.

If you’re going to enjoy a classically made snack that has a long family history to its name, then you’re going to want the most traditional popcorn they offer and have offered since their founding fathers launched.

This was our first classic popcorn purchase and there are no words to describe how good the result was. We had fun whilst making it ourselves and we can confirm, the microwave is still intact.

Watching the kernels pop and almost explode the microwave was spectacular and the taste was exactly as we expected, a traditional buttery popcorn flavor.


  • 100 percent natural - non-GMO project verified
  • Whole grain and gluten-free popcorn - A choice for everyone
  • Crispt outside shell - With a tender buttery taste


  • Addictive - You seriously won’t be able to put the bowl down (may cause fights amongst family members)


Amish Country Popcorn | 6 lb Bag | Popcorn Kernels | Small and Tender | Old Fashioned, Non-GMO and...

There is nothing more classic than a family-owned and operated popcorn brand that creates tasty popcorn snacks straight from the heart of the country. Ask Paul McCartney, he’d know. 

Amish Country popcorn has got a treat for you and it’s their traditionally made popcorn kernels that make the butteriest, warm corn you’ll ever try.

Their family-made secrets make for a low-calorie snack that maintains its healthy and nutritious content, whilst being delicious and wholesome. We’ve never come across a snack that can do both until now!

There are four different sizes available, including a 1 pound bag of kernels, a 2 pound bag, a pack of 2, 2 pound bags, and a 6 pound bag.

So, it's as easy as choosing your preferences on how much popcorn you want, and getting to the kitchen as quick as possible to make it!

Also, their recipe has been altered to be gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, peanut-free, and tree nut-free so if any of these issues with usual popcorn recipes are a problem for you, they’ve been eliminated so you can enjoy Amish Countries classically made popcorn. In all its buttery and wholesome glory. 

We decided to try it out and it lives up to the family name so much, we want to up and go at the next opportunity to go live our best lives at the Amish Country farm ourselves.

Nothing like escaping to the country is there, so escape to yours with their buttery popcorn.


  • Every purchase comes with a recipe ebook - Nothing better than a freebie right?
  • Nut allergy conscious - Free from peanuts and tree-nuts
  • Simple but traditional packaging - Does the job. Suits the brand


  • Potential Hulls - Not perfect, but every attempt at no hulls has been made.


8oz Popcorn Machine Popcorn Packets - All-in-One Movie Theater Style Popcorn Kernels, Salt, and Oil...

Another family favorite contender for the best popcorn brand is Great Northern popcorn company that makes their popcorn kernels with the freshest ingredients and packages them to be sold easily for home or business use, because of the pre-measured packets of popcorn kernels.

They do the hard work for you so that you can have the perfect ratio of butter-flavored, salty popcorn that is excellent for movie theatres, every time. 

They even have their own popcorn kettle machines available to purchase so you can get the most authentic experience out of making your popcorn from the comfort of your own home.

The portion packs they have are ideal to use with their kettle machines and each packet makes roughly enough to feed 6 to 8 people in one sitting. 

They have developed the perfect combination of salt and buttery goodness for their popcorn recipes so that you can achieve the best movie theatre experience known to man!

We tried it ourselves and we have never been more satisfied with a popcorn brand and their authenticity to supply a great popcorn snack for everyone.

Did you want a popcorn brand that will stick in your brain as a fantastic popcorn option until the end of time? This is the one and only. Customers are never left feeling disappointed and let down by this company. 

Traditional triumphs over new any day!


  • Easy and mess-free - Can be opened and poured directly into popcorn kettle machine, so no measuring cups or spills.
  • Comes in a range of sizes - A pack of 24 is fully gluten-free
  • Traditionally made for decades - Authentic brand


  • Because it’s made from home it may not be perfect - This is common with most popcorn brands


Smartfood Popcorn, White Cheddar, 0.625 Ounce (Pack of 40)

Smartfood white cheddar flavored popcorn is an unorthodox popcorn brand choice that we’ve selected for you, but it’s up there in the list because of the unique and new flavors that they have developed, whilst keeping to traditions and classically made popcorn methods.

The popcorn is air-popped and made with 100% whole grain ingredients to keep that buttery popcorn taste with the light texture that we expect from a well-made popcorn. 

There are no artificial flavors or preservatives within this brand of popcorn so you can enjoy the snack with your mind eased.

What's great about traditional popcorn is that it’s made to taste a certain way and remain on our taste buds long after we’ve finished enjoying them.

Nothing can beat a classic popcorn recipe that dates back for decades worth of family recipes, however, we tried this for ourselves and we’ve found that there’s an exception to every rule, and Smartfood is one of them!

The mature cheddar flavor combined with the butteriness of the popcorn just works for some reason and we’ve decided not to question it. It’s brilliant and you should try it yourself to understand how the flavor combinations work so well.

It’s like a crisp crossed with popcorn, however, still remains within the low calorie and low-fat expectations that regular popcorn entails. You get the best of both worlds!


  • Unique Cheddar Infused - For a different kind of buttery cheese taste 
  • Classic packets - You get what you expect within each contained packet 
  • Low Fat Snack - Only 100 calories per bag!


  • Shorter shelf life - 60 - 90 days in total


SkinnyPop Original Popcorn, Individual Snack Size Bags, Skinny Pop, Healthy Popcorn Snacks, Gluten...

So, we have another great packet of best popcorn brand choices for you to try, and whilst the previous option was a great choice for a bagged popcorn lunchtime snack, this one is the classic of the classic!

If you’re looking to sample an authentic popcorn snack without the tremendous amount of effort that can go into microwaving it yourself.

Not to mention the problems that could arise m=doing it yourself, then SkinnyPop Original popcorn is the choice for you! 

The recipe has been so well thought out that it’s the perfect snack for children too!

If you’re stuck trying to decide on what healthy snack to include in their lunchboxes that won’t come back untouched, popcorn is a great alternative to other snacks because of the low-fat content.

We dare your kids to find a problem with this brand of popcorn. And if you need a pick me up between video calls or work meetings, SkinnyPop is the perfect grab-and-go snack and won’t leave any horrible oily residue on your fingers, and it tasted delicious!

We tried and tested this ourselves between meetings and not one person would be able to tell we’d had a cheeky snack before the meeting began because our hands were squeaky clean and breath, unnoticeable.

It comes in packs of 30 and 60 so if you’re buying for the whole office, then it’s ideal to get your money’s worth whilst being the favorite employee at the firm.

And who doesn’t want a conveniently packed snack to bring to work that isn’t difficult or annoying to open and eat?


  • No artificial ingredients - Dairy-free and peanut-free
  • Contains zero trans fat - Is also a good source of fiber
  • Convenient snack packs - Easy to use


  • Not as authentic - Pre-packaged so you don’t get the fresh popcorn taste


We couldn’t end our best popcorn brand list without including a classic and family-loved popcorn brand contender.

And to end this list with a bang, we’ve found the largest supply of the family-favorite brand for you so you don’t have to go searching until the ends of the earth for it.

It also makes for the perfect Christmas gift for any loved one who doesn’t love popcorn right? This deal contains 48 packs of beautifully packaged freshly baked popcorn that can be delivered directly to your doorstep. 

The ingredients used to make this popcorn is freshly sourced and made in a traditional way that has been practiced for decades.

Popcorn has a long history of craftsmanship that dates back to the 19th century, this popcorn used these methods whilst appealing to modern generations.

They’ve combined an old-fashioned take with American stripes and modern eyecatching packaging methods so that the brand loyalty to its founding fathers is kept whilst pleasing every audience. 

We tried it for ourselves to test out this level of authenticity and we were yet again stumped with nothing bad to say about the popcorn!

It’s so hard not to love and the flavor combinations that Popcornopolis have available are to die for! They really have specially designed each flavor to be a perfected buttery popcorn snack with choices that everyone can agree with. 


  • Huge Variety - Flavor combinations of dreams
  • Thoughtful Packaging - Very American and traditional 
  • Worth the purchase as a Christmas gift - Will please any loved one


  • Too good to stop eating - May destroy your bank account 

Best Popcorn Brands Buying Guide

Pre-made or Microwave?

Whilst one person might think pre-made is the best type of popcorn, others would disagree and say that microwave is the best. But which truly is the best?

Best Popcorn Brand


Pre-made popcorn enables you to enjoy a snack that has been made to the best that it can be and delivered straight to your door as it is. No one can complain about that.

Unless, you’re a warm, butter popcorn lover who prefers the taste of homemade fresh corn. Whilst we admit that microwave gives us hot popcorn, does it truly make the best?

That’s debatable considering the fact that pre-made has been made for you by specialists. It depends on what amount of effort you want to put into it.


Now, the microwave does make the hottest, freshest popcorn available. The popcorn makers and brand make the kernels for you and all you have to do is pop it in the microwave until it goes ping!

However, if that’s too much effort and you’d prefer freshly packaged popcorn ready to eat upon delivery. We understand. 


Now, let’s talk flavors! There are countless flavor combinations available to mix and match your perfect popcorn flavor experience.

Finding out what you like, sweet or salted, and deciding on a brand based on this, will help you to determine what your best popcorn brand is. There’s no point liking sweet and choosing a brand that only supplied salted now is there? And vise versa. 


The size of the popcorn kernel bags or the freshly made popcorn packets plays a factor in deciding what the best popcorn brand out there is.

If you have a bag too small, it may not be as satisfying to buy and eat as if you had a larger bag. If a brand doesn’t supply the bag size you’d prefer, then it’s just not the one! Find one that does and you’ll be happy with your choice. 

Dietary Requirements

Everyone regardless of their dietary requirements should be able to eat any type of food without worrying about if the ingredients are friendly for them.

Most popcorn brands will display if they’re gluten-free, nut-free, free from artificial colors and preservatives, peanut-free, dairy-free, and lactose-free.

It’s as simple as checking the label on the packet/online to determine if it’s okay for you or a loved one to consume. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best popcorn at the movies?

Out of our top best popcorn brands we’ve thoroughly been through today, we’re torn between Orville Redenbacher’s and Amish Country popcorn as our top two choices.

Based on what they offer and the pros and cons of each, we found that these two choices would give you the best popcorn experience at the movies!

We just cannot narrow it down any more than that though so it’s up to you to make the final decision. Which of the two is the best popcorn brand for you?

What are the best-selling popcorn brands in America?

Great Northern and Orville Redenbacher are the best-selling popular brands of popcorn in America. They have the most authentic traditional recipes and methods for making their award-winning popcorn and they have a long family history attached to their brands.

What do you think? Which is the best popcorn brand in America based on your own personal preferences?

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