Can You Make Popcorn From Corn On The Cob?

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Can you make popcorn from corn on the cob?  The answer is… maybe!  Regular corn on the cob, bought from the grocery store won’t pop.  That’s because there is a difference between corn that pops…popcorn, and all other types of corn.  So, mostly the answer is no, you can’t pop corn on the cob. But, if you can manage to get ahold of popcorn that is still on the cob, that changes the game. 

Can I Use Sweet Corn To Pop Popcorn?

To make popcorn, you can only use Zea Mays Everta popcorn kernels, since these are the only ones that have the capacity to pop when heated. Even if you dry a standard ear of corn, it will not pop.

Sweet corn is that kind of corn you can find in the produce area of your local grocer. While it is often known as corn on the cob since it is the most common, it does not pop. Field corn, which is commonly used in dishes such as tortilla chips, will also not work. 

The only ones that will pop are popcorn cobs from the Zea Mays Everta variety, so be sure to keep that in mind while shopping.

Popping the Popcorn

Once you have secured a Zea Mays Everta cob full of kernels, then you can pop the cob however you like.  It is easier to pop kernels that aren’t on the cob, but occasionally an interesting novelty to pop the whole cob at once!


Popcorn can be made from cob, but only if it is a popcorn cob (sweetcorn and other varieties will not pop). Making popcorn from corn cob is simple and may be done on the stove or in the microwave. You can buy popcorn cobs at a local farmers’ market, order them online, or cultivate your own.

In the end, all you’ll have to do is dry and pop and you’ll be ready with a bowl of delicious popcorn in no time!

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