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How Much Oil Should You Use for a Movie Theater Popcorn Maker?

If you’re a popcorn fiend like us and can’t get enough of this fluffy, crispy snack, it’s a great idea to invest in a popcorn machine that’s easy-to-use and budget-friendly. That way, it’ll be a huge convenience for your party and movie nights, and it’ll make you a favorite among your popcorn lovin’ friends! You …

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What are Some Different Ways to Pop Popcorn?

We’re all so familiar with the convenience of the microwave popcorn but popcorn is already a very easy to make snack, and it’s one of those snacks that is so much better when it’s homemade. You don’t need any special equipment either. There’re a ton of ways to pop popcorn in the comfort of your own kitchen, and they turn out just as good, if not better!

Can You Make Popcorn From Corn On The Cob?

Can you make popcorn from corn on the cob?  The answer is… maybe!  Regular corn on the cob, bought from the grocery store won’t pop.  That’s because there is a difference between corn that pops…popcorn, and all other types of corn.  So, mostly the answer is no, you can’t pop corn on the cob. But, if you can manage to get ahold of popcorn that is still on the cob, that changes the game.