Double Good Popcorn Review

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Double Good is a name that already sets you up with high expectations. There have been some pretty fantastic gourmet popcorn brands started in recent years, and even the old-fashioned cheap stuff has some redeeming qualities. So, can Double Good really be double as good?

A quick look at the flavors of Double Good is likely to get any popcorn aficionados mouth watering, and the charitable focus of the brand is admirable.

Still, we’ve all been bought in by false promises of a white cheddar popcorn that ends up tasting disappointingly similar to salted cardboard.

But Double Good popcorn really is incredibly good. Flavorful and fluffy, with a crunch that only comes fresh, Double Good is popcorn you’ll keep dipping into. Read this guide for a full rundown of Double Good popcorn, and why you need some for your next movie night.

Who Is Double Good Popcorn?

Double Good popcorn was first founded in 1998, as a popcorn chain selling to national retailers. But in 2003, the brand underwent a massive change. Rather than just selling snacks, Double Good split their focus between popcorn and fundraising. The aim was to bring more joy to more people.

Double Good makes gourmet popcorn out of a Burr Ridge factory, popping 15,000 pounds of popcorn every single day. The flavors range from salty to sweet, simple to surprisingly complicated. All popcorn is freshly popped to order, and doused in delicious flavorings.


The first thing that we have to say is that there is an impressive amount of flavors made by Double Good. From the sweet to the salty to the fiery and cheesy, Double Good has a flavor for practically anybody.

We can’t cover all the flavors that Double Good have to offer, but we can introduce you to some of our absolute favorites. These are the flavors that got our mouths watering when we tried them, and the ones that we dreamed about for days after.

Sergeant Salt & Pepper

Let’s start with the basics. Sergeant Salt & Pepper is probably the closest thing that Double Good does to a plain popcorn. Because of this, you can get a better idea about the quality of popcorn underneath.

With the eye-catching and crazy flavors, it’s possible to drown out bad popcorn with good flavoring. There’s no place to hide with Sergeant Salt & Pepper.

Luckily, Double Good have nothing that they need to hide. The popcorn tastes freshly popped (which it is), light and crisp with none of that stale cardboard texture of bad popcorn. A zing of black pepper complements the saltiness, which is used in just the right balance to not be overly powerful.

A simple crowd pleaser, and popcorn for the everyday.

Butter Believe It

Butter is the quintessential popcorn flavor, and one that tends to get overlooked by the gourmet makers. But not Double Good. Their butter popcorn, aptly named Butter Believe It, is a creamy and salty ode to nostalgia.

Butter Believe It is a classic popcorn that tastes just like all your best memories. If you used to eagerly head to the movies every weekend for the latest release and a big bucket of popcorn, Butter Believe It will bring these memories rushing back.

But don’t worry, it isn’t just nostalgia that makes this popcorn so good. The blend of buttery flavoring and light kernels make Butter Believe It a hit, even if you think of yourself as more of a nacho person.

Enjoy curled up with a blockbuster, a blanket, and a soda.

Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy

Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy was created by accident, so we should all be grateful for some butter fingers at the Double Good factory. Rather than coating plain popcorn in cheese, a forgetful worker accidentally coated caramel popcorn.

The result? A savory and sweet mixture that works so well you’ll want to start adding caramel to your grilled cheeses.

Sweet and salty is a classic flavor combination, but the Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy takes this to the next level. Each kernel is coated in both caramel and cheese, so you get a hit of that playful contradiction in every bite.

Cheese and caramel may seem a little strange, but you’ll soon understand the hype with Double Good’s offering. Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy is a popcorn for sharing with the adventurous eater in your life.

In Queso Fire

We can talk a lot about the flavors of Double Good, but In Queso Fire is the clear winner. It has just the right hit of spice, cut through with creamy cheddar, and complemented by onion and garlic.

This is the kind of popcorn you tuck into as a movie starts, and have finished by the time the establishing shots are just about establishing themselves. It’s really that good.

There is plenty of color to this popcorn, which can result in orange tipped fingers. It’s a small price to pay for spice and queso goodness, but a warning if you agree to share a bag with anyone else. There’s no sneakily eating In Queso Fire.

White Cheddar Go Getter

Cheesy and salty, with a generous helping of flavor, White Cheddar Go Getter is perhaps the greatest white cheddar popcorn around. It actually tastes like cheddar cheese, which is surprisingly rare for a cheddar popcorn.

White Cheddar Go Getter doesn’t just have that vaguely umami and salty taste that characterizes low quality white cheddar popcorn. Instead, there’s a real tang of cheese, like you might be nibbling from the block itself.

Bring this popcorn out when you’re trying to impress, and enjoy with a glass of wine.

It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time

One of the greatest things about the It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time popcorn is the restraint. Yes, it is possible to show restraint when creating peanut butter chocolate popcorn.

This isn’t popcorn so drenched in chocolate you might as well lose the kernel. Instead, a delicate and careful drizzle packs the popcorn with flavor, without disguising the texture.

Double Good Popcorn flavor

Double Good have drizzled white chocolate and peanut butter on to the classic sweet and salty popcorn, for a dessert-style treat. That slight saltiness to the base kernels really cuts through the sweetness of white chocolate, and balances the bag. It’s a great choice for children of all ages (including grown up children!).

These are a few of our favorite Double Good flavors, but there really are plenty more to try. The flavors tend to be classic popcorn, with a slight twist. If you want to try something really wild, Double Good probably won’t have what you need. But if you believe that classics are classics for a reason, you should enjoy the offerings of Double Good.


Prices for Double Good popcorn are decent, at around $10 for a bag. The simple flavors are the cheapest, while the more complex toppings bump up the price. But the differences between the prices are small.

All the bags are the same size, which is roughly 5 cups of popcorn. It’s the cup size that matters more than the weight measurement. A bag of It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time will weigh more than the pared back Little Kettle That Could. But inside, you’re getting roughly the same amount.

Double Good isn’t cheap, but it’s reasonably priced for gourmet popcorn. Of course, that’s significantly more than you’d expect in a grocery store, but Double Good tastes significantly better.


If you order from Double Good, be prepared to wait a little while for delivery. There’s a (doubly) good reason for this. Every kernel is popped fresh, so your popcorn isn’t made until you’ve ordered it.

The delay can be slightly frustrating, because when you know In Queso Fire is coming, it’s hard to think of anything else. But it’s definitely worth it for the fresh popped taste and texture of Double Good.

What Alse Do Double Good Popcorn Do?

Double Good is all about two things: making popcorn, and supporting a good cause. Double Good offers fundraising opportunities for kids in need, allowing them to raise money to reach towards their dreams.

Fundraising with Double Good is easy and app based, allowing users to keep 50% of the sales, while doing a minimal amount of work. It’s fundraising made easy, so kids have more time to get out and have actual fun.

Double Good also aren’t afraid to sacrifice some of their own money. 50% of every dollar you spend goes towards a good cause.

Should You Try Double Good Popcorn?

Gourmet popcorn can sometimes be high promises (and prices), with low results. If this has left you thinking what’s the big deal, it’s only popcorn?, then you have to try Double Good. It will show you exactly how good popcorn can be when it’s done right.

We recommend starting with In Queso Fire, or White Cheddar Go Getter. For those with a sweet tooth, try It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate time, for a snack that really puts the popcorn back into chocolate popcorn.

And if you have an adventurous palate, Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy is just what you need.

And for every handful you snack on, you know you’ve given something back to the community. Double Good really is Double the Good!