How to Clean a Popcorn Machine

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When it comes to watching movies, there’s one snack that takes the top spot, and that is warm popcorn.

However, to ensure you make the most delicious popcorn every time, both home and commercial popcorn machines require a regular cleaning schedule.

In this article, I will provide you with a few methods on how to clean a popcorn machine. So, next time you make popcorn, you know exactly how to keep your machine in the best possible condition.

Let’s get started.

A Guide On How to Clean a Hot-Air Popcorn Machine

Step One – Unplug the Unit and Allow It To Cool

Before you begin cleaning your popcorn machine, you first need to unplug the unit and allow it to cool down entirely. This can take as little as an hour, but to be safe, wait a few hours to make sure.

It’s important that you remain patient and allow the unit to cool on its own. Do not try to cool it down in water.

Step Two – Wash the Cover and Melter

Next, you will need to remove the cover and wash it, along with the butter melter cup, and any other removable parts with dish soap and warm water.

Do not wash any electrical or non-removable parts with water, as this could damage your popcorn machine.

Step Three – Clean the Chute

Next, it’s time to clean the chute with a damp, clean cloth. If the chute is not removable, you will need to use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

You should avoid rinsing with water inside the popping chamber, as this could result in a variety of problems with the electrical equipment.

Make sure that you thoroughly remove any debris from the popping chamber using a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

Step Four – Replace All the Parts

Once all of the components of the machine are clean and completely dry, you will need to place them back in the appropriate sections on the popcorn machine.

Step Five – Store Your Popcorn Machine Properly

Make sure that you store the machine safely in a cabinet or out of the way on a shelf in your kitchen.

You will need to make sure that the cord is wrapped properly, as failure to do so could result in the plug becoming damaged.

A Guide On How to Clean a Commercial Popcorn Machine

Step One – Turn Off and Unplug the Popcorn Machine

To begin, you will need to turn off and unplug the popcorn machine and allow it to cool down.

You will need to allow the kettle to cool for a minimum of an hour before you attempt to clean it.

Step Two – Remove the Kettle From the Popcorn Machine

Next, you will need to remove the kettle from the popcorn machine so that it can be easily wiped down with a clean cloth.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down both the interior and exterior of the kettle.

Step Three – Boil Out the Kettle

Depending on how frequently the popcorn machine is used, you will need to boil out the kettle once a week to once a month.

To do this, you will need to purchase a specially-formulated kettle cleaner. Combine the cleaner with the required amount of water specified by the instructions, and bring to a boil.

Once it has been brought to a boil, unplug the popcorn machine and allow it to sit for the appropriate amount of time.

Step Four – Drain and Rinse the Kettle

Drain the liquid out of the kettle and thoroughly rinse the kettle with a clean, wet cloth.

It’s important to note that this might take several passes of the wet cloth to fully rinse any remaining soap suds from the kettle. However, this step is crucial, as you don’t want the cleaning solution to flavor your popcorn the next time that you use it.

Step Five – Clean the Glass

To clean the glass of the popcorn machine, you will need to find a food-safe, non-ammonia based cleaner to thoroughly clean the glass and interior.

Make sure that you wipe the surfaces down with a clean cloth, and allow the surface to completely dry before you turn the machine back on.

Step Six – Clean the Outer Surface

Last, but by no means least, you will need to clean the exterior of the popcorn machine.

Wipe down the surfaces to remove any fingerprints or oil splashes from the surface with a food-safe glass cleaner.

In addition to this, a mixture made from dish soap and warm water can help remove any spots on metallic surfaces.

Tips When Cleaning a Popcorn Machine

Never Submerge the Popcorn Machine in Water

It’s important that you clean the removable parts of the popcorn machine and carefully wipe down the rest of the machine as opposed to submerging it in water.

Not only is submerging electrical parts in water extremely dangerous, but it will also ruin your popcorn machine for good.

To avoid any accidents from occurring, make sure that you clean the removable parts separately and only wipe down the interior of the machine with a damp, clean cloth.

Always Allow the Removable Parts to Dry Completely Before You Store It

When it comes to storing your popcorn machine, you need to make sure that you allow all of the removable parts to try completely beforehand.

If any moisture is left over in the machine, then this will increase the chance of mold growing and ruining the machine.

Always make sure that you allow the removable parts to dry completely before you reassemble the popcorn machine and store it for future use.

Always Use a Food-Safe Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning a commercial popcorn machine, always make sure that you’re using a food-safe cleaner.

This will ensure that the cleaner is safe, and the taste of your popcorn isn’t going to be affected by any harsh chemicals.

In Summary

Hopefully after reading this article you will know how to clean both home and commercial popcorn machines.

Make sure that you follow these handy cleaning tips when it comes to cleaning your popcorn machine.

Good luck and happy cleaning!