How To Make Gourmet Popcorn

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Gourmet popcorn is popcorn that typically contains higher quality ingredients, and has more extensive flavor combinations. Gourmet popcorn is widely accessible in stores, and is easy to make at home. When making anything at home, you are usually focused on what you are making, producing better results.

Regular popcorn is usually mass produced, which does not mean it is of worse quality, but not as much attention has been paid to the ingredient quality due to the cost. In this article, we will give you some of the best tips to make your own gourmet popcorn at home! 

How to make gourmet popcorn

What’s The Difference Between Gourmet Popcorn And Regular Popcorn? 

The main difference between gourmet popcorn and regular popcorn is the flavor options as well as the ingredients. Regular popcorn is usually just salted, sweet, or butter- flavored, with the odd exception of caramel coating.

This is because when making regular popcorn, they are using a method of mass production due to the demand for cheap and tasty regular popcorn. There is typically a lesser demand for gourmet popcorn, as it is more specific in flavor and expensive.

This in itself means the flavors are more interesting, because it can be made in smaller batches with more thought. Gourmet and regular popcorn is usually made with the same kind of kernel. 

How Many Different Ways Can You Cook Popcorn?

There are a few different ways to pop popcorn, as long as the kernels get hot, allowing them to pop. The most common way to pop popcorn is in a microwaveable bag, and this is how regular popcorn is prepared at home. The other common way to make popcorn is by heating up oil in a pan and putting the kernels in the oil with the lid on. You can also use a designated popcorn maker, or microwaving in a bowl with a plate on top. 

How Many Types Of Popcorn Are There? 

There are two common shapes on popcorn, butterfly and mushroom. These are the two popped shaped kernels. There are red kernels, blue, purple, ladyfinger, yellow, and white. Yellow popcorn is usually the regular popcorn you’ll find in stores or at the movies. 

Firstly, let’s cover how to pop your popcorn. 

How To Pop Popcorn

Heat up a saucepan and use a neutral oil that has a high flash point. Make sure there’s enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan.

To ensure the oil is hot enough, throw a single kernel of popcorn into the oi. If it sizzles, it’s hot enough.

Add around half a cup of popcorn kernels, and let them fry for a couple of seconds.

Grab a lid, and place it on top of the popcorn. This is a necessary step, otherwise there will be corn everywhere! 

Shake the pan slightly when it is popping to ensure any moisture in the oil is eliminated. 

Keep an eye and ear on when the popcorn may be done. You are looking to hear and see around one pop per second. 

When the popcorn is done popping, remove the lid and let the popcorn sit. 

Remove all the popcorn from your pan and enjoy. 

To make this popcorn with a caramel base, simply cover in caramel afterwards. 

How To Make The Caramel For The Popcorn


⅓ cup of corn kernels

2 tbsp oil

Pinch of salt

100g sugar

1 tbsp butter

150ml milk


Pour your oil into the pan and allow to heat. 

Pour in your popcorn kernels and let them pop (follow process of first steps on how to pop popcorn).

Place your popped popcorn in a bowl, and set aside.

Pour 100g of sugar in a pan and let it melt on a low heat. Do not stir it at first, just allow it to gently bubble. 

Once it has bubbled, stir it so it forms a golden clump. 

Keep mixing as it heats, and it will turn into a liquid, 

Add a tsp of butter to the sugar mixture and let it melt. The mixture may bubble and steam, but mix it into the sugar. 

Add 150ml of milk. It will bubble a lot but do not be alarmed, just do it gently. 

Keep stirring! 

Continue letting it bubble over high medium heat – do not stop stirring. 

It will gradually become thick, like the consistency of thick melted chocolate.

Pour on popcorn and mix thoroughly. 


Cookies And Cream Popcorn


½ cup of popcorn kernels/3 cups of popped popcorn

8 Oreos

200g white chocolate

25 vegetable shortening or vegetable oil


Crush some oreos in a food processor or ziplock bag. Crush or blend them roughly, but make sure they’re in a rough crumb texture. 

Pour 3 tbsp of neutral vegetable oil into a pan and pour in your ½ cup of popcorn kernels.

When the popcorn is done, set aside.

Grab your crushed Oreos and pour the crumb mixture into the popcorn.

Mix your white chocolate with your vegetable oil or shortening. This will prevent the white chocolate from burning, and will make it smoother.

Heat the white chocolate and vegetable shortening in the microwave for around a minute. 

Stir the chocolate every 20 seconds. 

When the chocolate mixture is melted, pour it over the popcorn. 

Stir the mixture of popcorn, chocolate, and Oreos. Stir it thoroughly, so it will all be combined.

Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes. 

The popcorn should have a solid white chocolate exterior. 

Chili Cheese Popcorn


½ cup of popcorn kernels/3 cups of popped popcorn

2 tsp paprika or chili powder

2 tsp cumin

1.5 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp salt

3 tbsp cheese powder

1 tbsp vegetable oil or melted butter


Pop your popcorn and set aside. 

Combine all of your spices and powders, and mix well. 

Prepare your popcorn in a bowl. 

Pour over your oil or butter, and mix well into the popcorn. 

Sprinkle your combined powder over the popcorn, and mix thoroughly. 


Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn


½ cup of popcorn kernels/3 cups of popped popcorn

2 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp coconut or vegetable oil

2 tbsp melted milk chocolate 

200g chocolate

1 tsp oil


Pop your popcorn and set aside. 

Combine and measure out the peanut butter and coconut/vegetable oil. 

Heat the mixture in the microwave for around 30 seconds, or until the mixture becomes liquid.

Pour the mixture into your popcorn and stir thoroughly. 

Distribute your popcorn onto a tray and spread it out evenly. 

Melt your chocolate with a small teaspoon of oil until it is melted.

Pour the chocolate mixture over the popcorn and allow it to solidify.