How To Make Popcorn Salad

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You might be wondering: have I read that title right? We can confirm that yeah, you have read this right. Here we have a super controversial salad, and let’s be real, who has ever heard of popcorn being in a salad? There really is a first time for everything.

If this is a salad that you are planning on taking to a dinner party then you need to make sure that you mix the salad and carry the popcorn separately so that you can add this at the last minute to the salad.

On the whole, this salad should take you approximately half an hour to prepare and cook and it will serve A LOT of people.

So, if you want a salad to surprise your friends at a dinner party – or if you just want to spice up your salad, then keep reading for how to make your very own popcorn salad.

How To Make Popcorn Salad

There Are A Variety Of Ingredients That You Can Use In Your Popcorn Salad!

This salad can actually consist of whatever you want, you can be relatively flexible with the ingredients that you choose to include in your popcorn salad. But, naturally we have some ingredient combinations that we really recommend.

Including bacon in your popcorn salad will really add to the texture palette that is going on, and you can cook your bacon however you like. Whether you prefer much softer bacon, or whether you prefer super crispy bacon you can cook your bacon to suit your own personal preference. 

When it comes to adding some greens into your salad, again you can pretty much go for whatever you want. We would definitely recommend adding some celery to your popcorn salad because again it adds that extra crunchy texture that will heighten your salad.

If you are not a huge fan of celery, you could switch this out with spring onions or you could even use some lettuce.

Let’s Talk About The Textures In Your Popcorn Salad

To contribute to the texture of your salad you could also add in some shredded carrots, or if you prefer then you can dice your carrots into more chunky pieces.

We even recommend that you add some cheese to your salad, we would suggest cheddar cheese which will again really contribute to the texture of the salad but if you prefer you can mix up the cheese variety that you use in your salad.

This salad is all about texture, so if you like nuts then you should add water chestnuts to your popcorn salad. You can even add a can of sliced and drained water chestnuts to your popcorn salad too.

Fresh chives will really contribute to the flavor of your salad, and will add that subtle bit of spice to your salad. Again, you could switch these out with whatever herbs you would like – but this will definitely be a trial and error kind of process.

What About Dressing For Your Popcorn Salad?

We don’t want to be annoyingly vague here, but you can actually use whatever dressing you would prefer to on your salad.

Of course, we have our own recommendation – but this is your salad so depending on the flavors that you enjoy, you can adjust your salad dressing accordingly.

We recommend that you use mayonnaise with this salad just to bring back that sweetness of the salad. But, there are so many other dressings out there that you can try out with your salad, but it will be a part of the trial and error process of working out how to serve up the popcorn salad that will best suit your taste buds.

Using mayonnaise will be enough sweetness to add to your salad, but you will not want to add too many other sweet elements to this salad as this will be very overpowering.

So, you will not need to add any extra butter to your salad – or you should find that you will not even need to season this salad with salt because all of the elements should do this for you.

Where Should You Serve Up A Popcorn Salad?

Here’s the thing, this is not a salad that you are going to want to eat super regularly – this is not your replacement daily lunchtime salad. However, there are a whole host of occasions where this would be the perfect salad to serve up all year round.

This would be a great salad to bring to a dinner party as we said earlier, because this will definitely catch people’s attention and the popcorn will definitely be an intriguing element to the food.

This salad would also be perfect for a summer BBQ, and it would be the perfect alternative to the classic salads that you find served at a BBQ. By classic salads, we are referring to the usual potato salads or to the macaroni salads. 

Sure, this might not be a salad that everyone will love but it is very rare for everyone to love ALL THE FOODS served at a dinner party or a BBQ or any other event in between.

But, this salad is definitely something that you should consider trying out. We are pretty sure that your popcorn salad will be the centerpiece of the table!

Why Should You Try And Make A Popcorn Salad

This is a really unconventional salad to try out, but do not be afraid to test it out. This salad is super adaptable and you can tweak it to suit your taste!

One thing that is for sure is that this salad will be a massive talking point amongst your friends or anyone you invite to a dinner where you serve up this salad.

But, everyone will be pleasantly surprised with the different textures and flavors that this salad combines. On the whole, it is a super fun and exciting salad and it will definitely catch people’s attention for the right reasons. 

Just make sure that you don’t accidentally drop any unpopped kernels into your salad, because no one will be ready for that level of texture.