How To Use Dash Popcorn Maker

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Making popcorn at home has never been easier with a Dash popcorn maker!

How To Use Dash Popcorn Maker

If you’re wondering how to use a Dash popcorn maker, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use a Dash popcorn maker, as well as some key tips to bear in mind when making your popcorn.

Let’s get started.

How To Use Dash Popcorn Maker

Making irresistible popcorn from the comfort of your own home is easy with a Dash popcorn maker.

Step One – Add Oil To The Cooking Surface

The first thing you’ll want to do is add oil to the cooking surface.

To do so, simply pour some oil into the bottom of the cooking surface. This will help to prevent your popcorn kernels from sticking.

You can also use sunflower oil or vegetable oil for this.

Step Two – Measure Out Your Popcorn Kernels

After adding the oil to the pan, you’ll now measure out your kernels.

Then, carefully spoon the desired amount of kernels into the popcorn maker.

Step Three – Attach The Bowl

Following this, you will want to add the bowl to your popcorn maker. 

This is what’s going to keep all of your popcorn kernels contained as they pop into popcorn!

Step Four – Flip The On Switch

Next, you will want to flip the on switch and wait for the magic to happen!

Step Five – Flip The Popcorn Bowl Over

Once all of your popcorn has popped, it’s time to snap the lid in and flip the popcorn bowl over.

Detach the bottom of the bowl, and you’ll have your fresh bowl of popcorn ready to eat!

Benefits Of The Dash Popcorn Maker

There are a variety of benefits you should know about the Dash popcorn maker. These include but are not limited to:

Comes With An Automated Stirring Bar

The automated stirring bar is what helps to make the perfect popcorn, helping to ensure that no kernels are left unpopped!

Heating Vents Make A Melting Tray

The air vents in the top of the bowl double up as a melting tray for your butter! This means you can add butter and it melts into the popcorn as it cooks! 

This means that all of your popcorn kernels will be covered, and you’ll be left with buttery popcorn that tastes nothing short of heavenly with hardly any effort at all!

Saves Space

Once you have finished making your popcorn, the lid and popcorn maker conveniently stack together to help you save space.

After all, no one likes bulky appliances that take up all the room on your shelf or kitchen work surfaces!

How To Clean A Dash Popcorn Maker

How To Clean A Dash Popcorn Maker

Cleaning your Dash popcorn maker is simple with these quick and easy steps!

Step One – Allow Your Popcorn Maker To Cool Down

Before you begin the cleaning process, you will need to make sure that you allow the popcorn maker to cool completely. Set it aside whilst you enjoy your popcorn!

Step Two – Remove The Stirring Bar

When you are ready to clean, you will first need to remove the automatic stirring bar from the base by unscrewing the rotary knob.

Step Three – Clean With A Damp Cloth

Once you have removed the automatic stirring bar, it’s time to clean! you will need to take a damp, frictionless sponge or a clean damp cloth to clean the base of your popcorn machine

Next, you will need to clean the automatic stirring bar before reattaching it to your machine and screwing the rotary knob back into place.

Step Four – Wash The Bowl And Measuring Cup Under Running Water

Following this, you will need to wash the bowl and measuring cup in the sink. While you can easily wash them in the sink with a non-abrasive cloth, you can also place them in the dishwasher as both the bowl and measuring cup are dishwasher safe if you’d prefer this method.

Step Five – Rinse And Dry

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your popcorn maker, it’s time to rinse and dry!

Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft towel.

Tips On Making Popcorn In A Dash Popcorn Maker

There are a variety of tips that you should consider when making popcorn in a Dash popcorn maker. These tips include but are not limited to:

Never Submerge The Popcorn Maker

You should never submerge the base into water or another cleaning solution. This will lead to you damaging your popcorn maker, or worse, could end up with you being electrocuted.

To keep your popcorn maker in the best condition, make sure that you clean the base with a damp cloth thoroughly.

Melt Butter Or Coconut Oil Over Your Popcorn

As I’ve already discussed, the vents of this popcorn machine double up to melt your butter over your popcorn. Whether you want traditional butter for buttery popcorn, or you’d rather coconut oil for a flavored popcorn, the options are endless!

Experiment with a variety of different flavors to make your perfect popcorn recipe. Movie nights have never been better!

Always Dry Your Popcorn Maker Before Storing It

Unless you’re using your popcorn maker on a frequent basis, it’s going to be in storage for long periods of time.

As a result, if you don’t store your popcorn machine appropriately by drying it properly, then you will find that you encounter mold and mildew problems.

You should never put your popcorn maker away wet. Always make sure that you dry your popcorn maker thoroughly with a clean cloth to avoid leaving moisture in the machine.

This way your popcorn maker will be clean and ready to use the next time you wish to make popcorn! 


So, that’s how you use a Dash popcorn maker!

Hopefully this article has provided you with a better idea of how to use your Dash popcorn maker at home.

Make sure that you bear these tips in mind when making your popcorn for the best results with a Dash popcorn maker.

Good luck making the perfect popcorn!

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