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Have you ever wondered what to get for the person who has everything? When it comes to gift-giving, we all know someone who is just awful to buy for. You don’t want to give in and just ask them outright what they want, but you’re drawing a blank when it comes to giving them a present.

Maybe it’s Christmas, and you’ve drawn the new girl in the office for secret Santa. You don’t know anything about her, so you’ll have no choice but to get her something generic like a bottle of bubble bath.

Then again, you don’t want her thinking that you’re commenting on her personal hygiene. So, Chocolate? What if she’s on a special diet, and is watching her figure. Flowers?

Every woman likes flowers, right? But what if she thinks you’re flirting with her. Disaster. When you’re starting to wonder what size socks she might fit, it’s time to head to The Popcorn Factory.

ThePopcornFactory Review

This website turns gourmet popcorn into an appropriate item for any occasion. Most people like popcorn, but they’d never think of giving it as a gift, but why?

It can be much healthier than the tons of chocolate and candy we give and consume each year, and it’s a less cliché gift. There’s no reason why popcorn doesn’t make the perfect gift for any occasion if it’s exciting enough and presented just right. might have the market more or less cornered when it comes to popcorn gifts. Before you decide if giving popcorn gifts is for you, let’s review the product range, value, and service quality they provide.

About the Popcorn Factory

The Popcorn Factory claims that its “mission is to deliver smiles.” That’s a worthy business goal. Gifts are more than just non-necessities, aren’t they?

They’re a way of connecting people to each other and making people feel valued. What can be more important than that? As a company of more than forty-five years, they have learned a thing or two about the gifting industry.

The Popcorn Factory was begun by one man and was originally a floral store in Manhattan. As it excelled and expanded, the company started to look for avenues to expand to cater to their customer’s gifting needs.

The Popcorn Factory was one of the very first branches of non-floral gift products and remains popular today.

In addition to owning several gift franchises, the founder began a series of non-profit organizations such as Smile Farms, which is committed to getting individuals with developmental disabilities into meaningful agricultural employment.

They have also partnered with No Kid Hungry, which tackles poverty and hunger in America. The conglomerate donates money as well as millions of dollars worth of perishable products to food banks and local non-profits that provide assistance to families facing hunger.

Their ethos is simple: help people connect with one another, then give back to the community.

What Flavors Do They Make?

The short answer to this question is “more than you can possibly imagine”. They do savory and sweet popcorn in rather unique flavors.

They make classic flavor popcorn canisters such as butter or caramel flavor, but then they start to get a little nuts. Savory ones that stood out to us were: Ranch, Bacon Cheddar, Cheezy Jalapeño, and Chicken and Waffles flavors. Some of these would make interesting Dad gifts, perhaps. There’s no doubt that these stand out.

If you’ve ever been given a really unique edible gift, you’ll know that it’s the sort of thing you remember for a long time to come. A box of chocolates can be so impersonal, no matter how tasty they are.

Can you remember who gave you every single box of chocolates or candy you’ve ever received? Probably not, but you’d definitely remember if someone gave you some chicken and waffle flavor popcorn. Are we right?

Their sweet flavors are arguably even more enticing. Some mouthwatering ones we spied were: Cookies & Crème, Drizzled Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, Holiday Cookie Dough, and Caramel Apple flavors. We’d be delighted to find a tub of any one of these with our names on it.

What’s Their Value Like?

As we stated, they are a gourmet popcorn company, so that tends to imply some genuine artistry goes into their creation. Considering the niche market they are catering for (pun intended), the prices aren’t that bad.

Their popcorn products range from around $16- $185, so there’s a huge price range. The most budget-friendly items are their single flavor popcorn canisters.

ThePopcornFactory Flavors

This gives you between 2 and 9 ounces of popcorn in the flavor that you choose. 2 oz doesn’t sound like a lot, but popcorn is a pretty lightweight substance, so you’ll likely get more than you expect to.

The reason that some popcorn flavors are the same price for less of the product is that some flavors contain more expensive and rich ingredients than others and are therefore sold in smaller quantities.

The Popcorn Factory often creates limited, seasonal flavors, which they sell at a special price when that season is over, so you can get them cheaper if you get lucky with your timing.

Interestingly, The Popcorn Factory doesn’t just do popcorn products or even edible items. You can shop a vast range of personalized gifts such as stationery, kitchen home wares, and cookware.

This is because they are part of the same umbrella company as Personalization Mall, among other affiliated brands. They embroider oven cloves, personalize notebooks with pictures and names, and even personalize kids’ items for a very reasonable price. Like this personalized LED dinosaur sign.

Top Five Popcorn Gifts

If you’re still not sure about popcorn presents, then just feast your eyes on our top five popcorn picks.

Best Gift Under $30: Smiley Dot Sampler

This happy box of snacks is bound to put a huge smile on anyone’s face. It has three flavors of gourmet popcorn along with dry-roasted peanuts, chocolate chip cookies, and other sweet treats.

This would make a great gift for any occasion or no occasion at all. Either way, it’ll make them smile.

Most Creative Gift: Holiday Cookie And Popcorn Ball Decorating Kit

There are a few seasonally-themed DIY edible craft options on the website, but we especially liked the look (and taste) of this one.

It’s a great gift for families around the Holidays because it gives them something to do as well as something to eat. This kit contains 12 plain cookies, 6 popcorn balls, a tub of Vanilla frosting, one sprinkle decoration canister (with four options), and 1 icing tube.

Then you just roll up their sleeves and let the little elves get creative with food. The whole “don’t play with your food” idea definitely doesn’t apply at Christmas.

All these tasty and inspiring treats come in a cute house-shaped box, which they’ll enjoy re-using after all the cookies and popcorn balls are long gone.

Best Christmas Gift: Winter Elegant Sleigh Gift Basket

This holiday favorite is so festive, it might be on our Christmas list this year. This proves that there is a Popcorn Factory gift for anyone.

What’s great about this package is that you can fill the wooden sleigh with festive treats year after year as a family tradition. After you’ve munched through all the treats that come inside the sleigh, of course.

This reimagined gift basket contains ten flavors of popcorn, along with wafer rolls, Lindt Lindor milk chocolate balls, holiday ring gummies, and loads more. No matter how big an appetite they have, it should take the happy recipient a fair while to get through that lot.

The Strangest Flavor Gift: Confusion Popcorn

The Popcorn Factory’s strangest flavor must be their confusion popcorn. This is a mixture of their classic butter, robust Cheese, and secret-recipe Caramel popcorn, so it’s bound to confuse the taste buds as the name suggests. If you know someone who is into weird flavor combinations, though, this is the one for them.

Most Luxurious Gift: Merry Plaid 8 Gift Box Tower And 2 Gallon 3-Flavor Popcorn Tin

This is the ultimate in treat gifting. This huge gift bundle comes in non-festive designs too, but we are loving the red and green plaid design.

It would look so great under the tree. Whatever packaging design you choose, one thing is certain: it’s not going to fit in a stocking. Among other items, this variety bundle features a 2-gallon popcorn tin with three flavors of popcorn inside.

Then it has no less than ten other flavors of popcorn, and then a selection of other seasonal treats.

Whoever you got this for would be thoroughly blown away. If you wanted to get a gift that delivers the wow factor, I think we’ve found it. If you were hoping to impress your boss with a special gift to inspire them with ideas of promoting you, you’ll certainly make yourself memorable, dragging this into the office.

Then again, if it’s your new in-laws you’re trying to impress, you’ll be sure to get in their good books with this premium selection. And even if you don’t, their mouths will be too filled with crunchy popcorn to ask you what your intentions are with their son or daughter. So, everybody wins!

Final Thoughts

With all things considered, we were pleasantly surprised at the potential for popcorn-related gifting that The Popcorn Factory provides.

We had not imagined the range of flavors they offer or the extent of their stunning packaging designs, which are suitable for every occasion. While we’re not sure that Cheezy Jalapeño popcorn is going to be everyone’s favorite snack, there is plenty of variety to suit just about every budget.